About us

   We are located in a beautiful landscape in Moravian Silesian  region in a  small village where our dogs have huge space for living and having fun. We do a lot of activities such as long hikes, tricks, aussies help us with our kettel and so on. We really enjoy going to the dog shows, for us it is the time spent with friends, family and our lovely aussies.

    About me: My name is Veronika Horáková and I am 20 years old. I am ex junior handler, dog handler, groomer of our aussies. I am student Palackého university - faculty of law.

      I got my first Shetland pony Zaneta and my first dog Sheltie Willi when I was 3. Besides that my mother had kennel ,,z Bučávky" dedicated to Shelties and she has bred some very succesful sport Shelties. Native Tongue continues with Australian Shepherds.

       Since 9 years I was competing in junior handling competitions with my first aussie Kaila. I have some international and national wins, which I really appreciate.  In my opinion junior handling gave me great start to handling world.

    I also ride horses since very young age. I have competed in some hobby dressage competitions and I will be forever grateful to my dressage trainer Justyna Ruda.  Nowadays I do not have horse at home, because of my study duties, but I am frequently visiting stable in Město Albrechtice, where I ride young horses and I love it.

    This website´s main goal is to introduce you our aussies and share with you our everyday live, achievements, love and passion for this wonderful breed.